Shots Kes. 100-250per shot
Jameson Whisky  Smirnoff Vodka Red
Gordon's Gin Jagermeister
Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Johnny Walker Green Label
Johnny Walker Red Label Johnny Walker Black Label
Chivas Amarula
Bacardi Rum Captain Morgan Gold
Camino Tequilla Jose Cuervo Silver
Johnny Walker Black Khalua
Tango Sour Apple Southern comfort
Tequila Rose Bombay Sapphire
Malibu Orange Liqueur
Flirt Apple Vodka Hennessy
Jack Daniels  
Mixed Shooters @Kes 200  
747 - Cream Liquer, Coffee Liquer & Sambuca
Beauty & the Beast - Jagermeister & Tequila Rose
Jager Bomb - Jagermeister & Red Bull
Bitch Slap! - Tequila & Bacardi Rum
Blowjob - Cream Liquer, Coffee Liquer & Whipped Cream
Kamikaze - Vodka, Orange Liquer & Lime Juice
Cocktails @Kes 400
Sex on the Beach
Apple Martini
Screaming Orgasm

A Typical Food Menu Prepared By Our Excellent Chef
1. Vegetable Fried or Boiled Rice or Pan Fried Lyonnaise Potatoes
2. Garden Salad or Kachumbari
3. Paprika Beef Sausages & Beef Meatballs with Barbecue Sauce
4. or replace number 3 with Chicken Stew
5. Spicy Barbecue Gravy
Table d'hote Meal Included For each Guest Under Joy or Bliss Package - This Menu Can Be Altered Within Budget
Additional Bitings or Dishes (Sausages, Samosas, Chapati, etc.) Can Be Requested In Advance
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